Earth Day 2016: Recycling in Construction

Do you know it only takes one ounce of mercury to contaminate a lake for centuries? That is why it is important to properly recycle lamps and lightbulbs. Arthur Funk and Sons, Inc., Construction Services, received certification for the proper recycling of over 80 lamps and lighting for Chester Springs Harley Davidson.

According to President Bob Funk, PE, LEED AP, the certification is issued by the local refuse authority.

“The certification guarantees that all materials have been recycled in accordance with all federal, state and local regulations,” said Funk. “With Earth Day April 22, we want to draw attention to the fact that recycling is important to our environment.”

The lamps to be recycled were separated, cleaned and will be reused where applicable.

“Recycling guarantees that toxic materials are removed, ensuring a healthier environment and safer workplace for everyone,” added Funk.

The team at Arthur Funk understands the hurdles of the government regulation process. “We have the knowledge to make sure a project passes all requirements,” concluded Funk.  For information, visit



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