What is the first step for your church expansion and construction process?  Well, if you have attended one of our seminars, then you have made a BIG first step. If you have not, here are some tips that can get you started.

Step #1 Start with the basics. What are your needs? How much can you spend? The first step is to do a little research. Walk around your church. Can you re-position old space into new uses? Do you need to expand by adding on or do you need an entirely new location? What are the needs of a growing congregation?  Step #1: Do Research.

Step #2 Assemble the team.  Two heads are better than one, three heads better than two. Put together a team to assist you.  That team depends on your church.  Most teams start with a church building committee comprised of members who will be the primary point of contact for certain situations: choir, fellowship, youth group, education, and so on.  Other team members involve the design and construction chores: architect, project manager, estimator, and fundraiser if needed.  Step #2: Build a Team.

You know what your congregation wants, and what they need.  How much will it cost?  Believe it or not, Steps #1 and #2, can be simplified with one easy move. Church committees can greatly benefit by selecting a general contractor at the front-end of a project. The right contractor provides guidance, assistance in the development of concepts & budgets, and a knowledge of the local zoning and permitting regulations—many of the hurdles that must be cleared for a successful building project.

Once you have your Building Committee, invest time inquiring with other churches (and related individuals) in order to ascertain bona fide contractors. Set up associated interviews. See what projects they have completed that might be similar to your own project. Make sure they detail their experience with all contractual delivery systems, including the  increasingly desired Design/Build format.

We do have one addition: Personality matters. Make sure the contractor you hire is someone you are comfortable with; someone you can trust; and someone who communicates well and listens to your needs. A good working relationship can make a world of difference and reduces the burdens of the building committee.

Finally, when you have assembled your team: Building Committee, Construction Services professionals (Project Management, Estimating/Scheduling, Architect/Engineer) and Fundraiser you’ll be able to begin your Church Construction Process.



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