Earth Day 2016: Recycling in Construction

Do you know it only takes one ounce of mercury to contaminate a lake for centuries? That is why it is important to properly recycle lamps and lightbulbs. Arthur Funk and Sons, Inc., Construction Services, received certification for the proper recycling of over 80 lamps and lighting for Chester Springs Harley Davidson. According to President […]


  CLIENT: GRAVEL HILL UMC NEW ADDITION When the Gravel Hill United Methodist Church experienced a devastating fire, the stained glass windows were able to be preserved and restored for use in the beautiful new, larger building.  The growing congregation, soon requested an addition for a fellowship welcome center, complete with coffee café and seating […]

Going Green. Getting Green. Saving Green.

By definition, “Environmental Stewardship is the responsibility for environmental quality shared by all those whose actions affect the environment.”   Churches and the Corproate Community understand Stewardship, mostly when it comes to finances.  When it comes to the environment, everyone can be stewards as well as save money. When you hear the words, “GOING GREEN,” what […]